Date: September 10, 2017
Time: 11:45  to  13:30

Satsang in the Temple of Light, live from Ananda Assisi

NEW: We now offer a bilingual streaming, with two audio channels for Italian and the corresponding English translation !!  See instructions below for switching to the English translation stream.

Language of the Satsang: ITALIAN with translation in ENGLISH


Instruction for Switching to English Translation Stream:

1. Start stream.  It will start in Italian by default.
2. Click on change camera button (see red arrow on attached screenshot)

3.  Select English Stream. (see screenshot below)

4. English stream will start.  Click on video to hide stream selection sidebar.

IMPORTANT: If you have problems with the live streaming, please consider watching one of the related videos at the bottom of the page. Instead of this, here is the page of various Sunday services in English that have been recorded abroad in the past years: click here.  Finally, on this page you can find all the Sunday services recorded in the Temple of Light in Ananda Assisi starting with the year 2000. Please use the chatbox below to send your feedback regarding the streaming. If you have other problems or requests, send an email to