Paramhansa Yogananda said of his Autobiography of a Yogi: “I infused every word with my vibrations;” and those vibrations have inspired millions of people around the world to seek a higher reality within themselves. They inspired his disciple, Swami Kriyananda, to develop the Ananda communities and centers, places where seekers can come together to evolve spiritually, open their hearts to God and each other, and serve others.

comunita_namasteIn 2004, Swami Kriyananda wrote an article called The way of the Sanghi,” and founded a spiritual movement called Ananda Sangha, a way in which people everywhere, not just those who are living in Ananda communities, can participate in the awakening of higher consciousness on this planet. We invite you to read excerpts from that article here and to become a part of Ananda Sangha Europa.

Ananda Sangha is not an organization – but a “fellowship” of people who are dedicated to realizing higher consciousness and to helping humanity evolve spiritually through the teachings of Self-realization. The Sangha offers spiritual friendship, family and support in many ways, through this website, its Online Community, retreats and teaching centers, conferences and seminars, written, audio and video lessons and courses, and also by bringing the teachings wherever they are desired throughout Europe. You will find a full description of these services in the next section “Sangha Services.”

Ananda Sanghas throughout the world have over 10,000 active members, about 150 teachers, and nearly 150 meditation groups in the Americas, Europe and Asia. You can see more about the Sangha activities in the Americas at:; and those in India at: