Everyone who shares the Sangha ideals, as explained by the Sangha’s founder, Swami Kriyananda, in The Way of the Sanghi,” is welcome to join. Joining the Sangha is an act of solidarity with these principles and with those who share them around the world. Also available, if you wish to read them in less poetic language, are the Sangha By-Laws, which recognizes it as a “moral institution” that exists in order to pursue its spiritual goals. There is no requirement that one need resign from any other organization or church or pay any fixed fees: simply fill out and submit the Membership Request at the bottom of this page.

There are three categories of membership available:

  • A Sanghi member upholds the principles of the Sangha.
  • A “Disciple Member has been initiated onto the path of Self-realization and is preparing for Kriya Initiation.
  • A “Kriyaban Member has been initiated into Kriya Yoga.

As a member you have free access to the “Sangha Services” and some of the materials in the section INSPIRATION of the website, in addition to being able to view live streaming events from the Temple of Light.

Your Sangha Spiritual Family Online

IN ADDITION TO JOINING THE SANGHA, you can also choose to register to our website and therefore join the ­“Sangha Spiritual Family Online” which opens an additional treasure trove of materials, including meditations, satsangs, classes, and other audio, visual and written inspiration. A donation of at least 10 Euros  will grant you access. Donations can be done annually or monthly, but we strongly encourage you to choose the monthly donation if you want this site to grow and therefore offer you more services and materials.

To become part of this worldwide family, to serve and be served, please fill out the form below!