Hi great souls,

this is the first page that you have to read, that explains the various ways in which you can be involved with the Sangha. Please see the options below:

  • you can join for free the Ananda Sangha Family if you share its ideals and are eventually also ready to offer your services in different ways which are explained in section Ways To Serve
  • you can join the Ananda Sangha Family as said before, but in addition become also a member of the “Sangha Family Online”, which means register to the website and make a donation. For this purpose, please go to section Why and How To Join The Sangha
  • you can choose NOT to join the Ananda Sangha Family, but only register to the website and make a donation. Please go to the section Donate Now and choose to join the Sangha Family Online
  • if you are neither interested to join the Ananda Sangha or register to the site, but just want to make a donation in order to help us, please go to the section Donate Now and choose NOT to join the Sangha Family Online



Donations start with 15 Euros and can be monthly or annually. Be aware that the website lives from your donations and the people working for the site are being payed from your offerings.

Donations can be made:

  • online via Credit Card or Paypal: this is the best solution, since in this case our system registers them automatically
  • if you decide to make a donation on our bank account, please write afterwards an email to info@anandaeuropa.org, with a receipt of the payment attached. Only in this way we can register your donation.



We provide the following services:

  • Constant adding of new text, audio and video materials to the site and making it accessible to users according to their membership category (Sangha Member, Disciple and Kriyaban)
  • under the menu bar FAMILY ONLINE, according to his user category, a subscriber can find his reference page containing sections that are linked to a variety of different parts of the site: these sections collect all the infos that are important for that specific type of user
  • weekly recordings of satsangs and meditations, video editing, upload on Vimeo or Youtube
  • regular email communication in Italian, English, German and Dutch with subscribers regarding events, problems, changes, notifications etc. and a fast feedback for users that have problems with the site
  • newsletters in Italian and English
  • weekly streamings of Sunday services and occasionally events in the Temple of Light
  • calendar of online events where each event has its own page with information about the event
  • section of the site with information about Kriya Yoga
  • section of the site that gives information about Meditation Groups or other Ananda groups in Europe (that might be nearer to your place), also info about meditation group support and various seminars around Europe
  • in future there will be new services like online-courses, question-and-answer service etc.