Ultimately, God alone can satisfy our most personal needs. In our dealings with other people, He is our conscience. In our labor, He is our satisfaction. When we read a good book or listen to uplifting music, He is our inspiration. –Paramhansa Yogananda

Whenever you need a spiritual boost, come to this inspiration corner and discover a continuously renewed stream of spiritual refreshment to fit the needs and mood of the moment. Here you will find:

  •  Videos with many types of content:
    • recent and older satsangs and talks of Swami Kriyananda and other ministers of Ananda centers worldwide
    • classes and entire courses of various ministers in Ananda Assisi and other centers on some of the most important spiritual topics
    • Ananda Yoga sessions with teachers from America
    • guided meditations for beginners, disciples and Kriyabans with restricted access according to the user category (Sangha Member, Disciple or Kriyaban)
    • videos with talks and classes on Kriya for Kriyabans
    • videos with talks about Discipleship
    • documentaries about the Ananda community
    • ceremonies and celebrations of the Masters for this path, also Krishna and Shiva celebrations
    • cultural events like theatre plays, choir concerts, kirtans
    • short videos about and with Yogananda
    • a section dedicated to Swami Kriyananda with all his talks, Sunday services, classes, lectures, television series etc.
  • audio files with various talks of Swami Kriyananda all around the world during the years
  • excerpts from online books published by Crystal Clarity
  • exerpts from audio books read by Swami Kriyananda
  • some of Kriyananda’s articles
  • a page dedicated entirely to Ananda Yoga, its philosophy and concepts
  • a page for presenting the Academy of Arts, Creativity and Consciousness founded here in Ananda Assisi in 2014
  • a page for presenting the film “Finding Happiness”, a docu-movie about Ananda Village in Nevada (USA) that had a lot of success lately in the cinemas
  • a page dedicated to the music of Ananda

New and archival materials are regularly added. Some of the sections are explained here below in more detail.

Online books

With permission from Crystal Clarity Publishers, you can read selected chapters from these spiritual classics: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda and The New Path by Swami Kriyananda.

Audio books

Listening to Swami Kriyananda read his books is an entirely different experience than reading them. We hear his resonant voice expressing each phrase with the meaning and vibration he intended when he wrote it.

Videos of Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda recorded lessons and talks for television and for the web, some of them dating back to the 1980’s. Here is the section that contains the most part of his videos: https://anandaeuropa.org/series/swami-kriyananda/

Sunday Satsangs with Swami Kriyananda and other ministers of Ananda worldwide

For each week of the year there is a topic for Sunday service, 53 in all, which is discussed everywhere in the world of Ananda by the various ministers. Here you will find the talks given by Kriyananda and a variety of Ananda ministers in Europe, the US and India, posted week by week throughout the year. Here are the Sunday services with various ministers of Ananda worldwide during 2009-2017: https://anandaeuropa.org/videos/sunday-services/

Here is the page with some of Swami’s Sunday services in Assisi, India and America: https://anandaeuropa.org/series/sunday-service-swami-kriyananda/

Audio Talks by Swami Kriyananda

One of Swami Kriyananda’s favorite books was “Do It Now,” which contains spiritual aphorisms for each day of the year. In 2002 he recorded a series of 15-minute radio talks, speaking about one aphorism on each day of the year. These talks will be posted regularly throughout the course of the year.

Articles by Swami Kriyananda

In addition to writing 150 books, Kriyananda wrote prolifically on a wide range of subjects, many of which are unpublished.


Ananda Radio offers a constant stream of inspiring music by Swami Kriyananda, both vocal and instrumental. Tune in while you work or do chores, or any time you need a dip into the sea of higher consciousness. You will also find here excerpts from performances and other surprises.