A global Kriya retreat guided by the Kriyacharyas of Ananda Assisi and Ananda centers world wide.


NOTE 1: most videos are in English with simultaneous translation in Italian.When the speakers speak Italian, there is always simultaneous translation in English.

NOTE 2: not all videos in this category are blocked, because among them there are Sunday satsangs, evening programs open to everyone and the evening of the concert during the Kriya retreat. The special videos are Kriya lessons, workshops and satsangs held by Ananda’s Kriyacharyas who have come to Assisi from all over the world for the Kriya retreat.


Monday, 28 August
10.45 Kriya satsang with Jyotish and Devi
20.30 Evening program: Ananda Worldwide: North and South America

Tuesday, 29 August
10.45 Attunement to the Kriya Masters with Nirmala, Narya, Dhyana, Arjuna, Jayadev, Premi

Wednesday, 30 August
10.45 Kriya, Karma, Kundalini and the Chakras, with Dharmadas, Shivani, Anandi, Jaya
15.00    Kechari Mudra demonstration and practice, with Kalyan
20.30 Evening program: Ananda Worldwide: Europa

Thursday, 31 August
10.45 The life of a Kriya Yogi, with Pranaba, Parvati, Narya, Devarsi

Saturday, 2 September
10.45 Spreading Kriya Throughout the World, with Jyotish, Devi, Kirtani, Anand, Jaya, Devarshi
15.30 Workshop: Longer, slower Kriyas: developing the diaphragm, with Mayadevi
20.30 Evening program: Ananda Worldwide: India

Sunday, 3 September
11.30   Sunday satsang, with Jyotish and Devi