Ananda Sangha makes a lot of efforts to support in various ways the meditation practices of its members:

  • offering written online material in order to explain all the theoretical, emotional and spiritual aspects of meditation
  • there are many recordings of guided or not-guided meditations
  • for months, last year, we have offered guided meditations in streaming; these events were published in the online calendar of streaming activities
  • a new service will be offered: Spiritual Questions and Answers for our subscribers, were ministers of Ananda Assisi will be involved
  • if needed, satsangs on the topic of meditation can be organized in various languages
  • seminars on meditation, meditation retreats and Kriya initiations are organized regularly outside Ananda in various places around Italy or even abroad (Germany, Austria, Spain, Holland, Serbia etc.)
  • there is a page where you can find detailed information (with additional maps) about the various Ananda meditation centers and groups in Europe, in order for you to contact the nearest one to your home:

Here is a link to the page of the recorded guided meditations (in various languages) and short meditations for beginners:

Here is the page to our new service “Your Spiritual Questions Answered”, where you can sent questions via email, which will be answered confidently by some of the Ananda Assisi ministers. Only with your permsission, these questions and answers can be published on the site, in order for others to also benefit from them. here comes the link:

Ananda Sangha worldwide, Spiritual Questions and Answers
For those who understand and speak a good English, here is a link that brings you to the page of spiritual questions and answers created by the worldwide comunity of Ananda Sangha, here is the section dedicated to meditation: Ananda Sangha Worldwide / Your spiritual Questions Answered