SUNDAY SERVICE: Why Tell God Anything When He Knows Everything? – Kirtani

Sunday Service Week 44: Why Tell God Anything When He Knows Everything? Why Offer God Anything, When He Has Everything?

Reading from Rays of the One Light

Truth is one and eternal. Realize oneness with it in your deathless Self, within.

The following commentary is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Jesus Christ teaches as the ideal prayer one that addresses very human demands to God: “Give us this day our daily bread,” “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors,” and, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

Jesus himself says, just before suggesting this prayer, “Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.” Why, then, his recommendation that we pray for anything? The answer is that we should offer ourselves up in acceptance of His abundance. Don’t pester God, as though pulling constantly on His sleeve to get His attention. Approach Him with the confidence of a child in its parent. And in that spirit, then, ask Him lovingly, but with complete trust, as though demanding your birthright, and without the slightest doubt in your mind that He wants only your best. For you don’t have to persuade Him, the way a beggar or a stranger might. You are His own child.

God knows everything already. He knows what is in your heart. It is you who need to clarify your feelings, that you attune yourself to Him in turn more clearly. For only by such clarity will you be able to receive perfectly what He gives you.

For the same reason, we need to offer ourselves to Him not because He needs anything from us (except, as Yogananda said, our love, to complete His love for us), but because by self-giving we expand our awareness from its confinement in the little ego, outward to infinity.

“Those who partake of the nectar remaining after a sacrifice,” says the Bhagavad Gita in the fourth Chapter, “attain to the Infinite Spirit. That person, however, who makes no sacrifices never truly succeeds in enjoying even the blessings of this material world; how, then, could he attain happiness in subtler realms?”

Thus, through holy scripture, God has spoken to mankind.

Reading from Affirmations for Self-Healing

One of the most difficult lessons in life is to learn to accept things as they are. How much energy we waste in trying to wish away the inevitable! “If only this hadn’t happened!”“If only we had reached there in time!”The “if only’s” and “might have been’s” in life keep us from dealing realistically with what is.

Acceptance comes from knowing that reality lies within ourselves, and that all else is a dream. Acceptance of that one reality makes everything else acceptable. Instead of learning to come to grips with a thousand individual challenges, therefore, make the supreme effort to accept God unconditionally into your heart. Accept all that comes in life as coming from His hands. He will give you what is best for you, if you live for Him alone.

Practice this affirmation out loud, guided by Swami Kriyananda

I accept with calm impartiality whatever comes my way. Free in my heart, I am not conditioned by any outward circumstance.


Shine Thy delusion-cauterizing light into the hidden nooks of my heart’s feelings, lest somewhere, without my conscious knowledge, I have not accepted Thee. If ever I err, strengthen me to accept Thy discipline, for in Thy will alone lies the happiness I am seeking.

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